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Passionate about life planning

Allison has learned through her career that she is passionate about people living their best lives by using their gifts and talents. When she began using PATHs and MAPs processes to facilitate people and groups to plan for their futures using their strengths, she found a way to use her own expertise in facilitation and creativity.

Allison holds a Doctorate of Education from Western Michigan University, but she began her career in dance and aerobic exercise. Over the years, Allison has also shared her love of people and community by volunteering and serving on Non-Profit Boards from local to international.


The past 10 years, Allison’s focus has been on supporting people with disabilities to find pathways to the community out of segregated “special programs.” Using PATHs and MAPs, people have brought their community together to discover how they can share their gifts and talent to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Along the way, she learned that these PATHs and MAPs are valuable for anyone or any group that wants to experience a new way to plan for the future.

  • Ed.D.  Educational Leadership Western Michigan University 1994

  • M.A. Special Physical Education  Western Michigan University 1988

  • M.S.E. Adapted Physical Education/Dance University of Kansas 1986

  • B.S.E. Dance Performance University of Kansas 1983

  • Arcadia: Building a Community of Belonging 2008-2018         Program Director and then Executive Director 

  • Hopkins Public Schools 2001-2008                                             School  Readiness Coordinator 

  • Western Michigan University 1989-2000                               Unified Sports Volunteer Coordinator.                            Special Physical Education Learning Lab Project Coordinator

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