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  • Allison Hammond

All By Myself - Not Really

Hi, this is Allison with ResponsAle People.

I'd like to talk to you about independence, self-sufficiency and being enough.

When I was a little girl, I had a book that was called “All By Myself.”

And what I really loved about the book was the main character's name was Allison.

Allison could tie her shoes all by herself. Allison could pour a glass of milk all by herself.

And Allison could do all kinds of things all by herself.

So when I was growing up the lesson I learned from that was I needed

to learn how to do things all by myself.

And then when I was in school,

I learned to write papers all by myself.

I learned to study for tests all by myself.

I learned to sit quietly all by myself and read.

And then as I became an adult I learned to do things all by myself.

I got my first job all by myself. So I thought… I had a great job.

I got to travel all over I love that job. And then I got another job and in my mind I got that job all by myself.

But what I started to realize is no that's not really true.

Even though I'm independent and I'm self-sufficient and I am enough.

I'm really not enough without the community that I have around me.

I have friends, family;

I have my community that has supported

me and has helped me get those jobs.

A community that has helped me be successful, has encouraged me.

And as I was growing up, I was a half full vase.

I had the gifts, talents, knowledge, skills to do the things I needed to do to be independent, self-sufficient and get on in the world.

But you know what? This vase wasn't really full without the top part being full which is my friends, my family, and my community.

When I do planning through ResponsAble People I do either a MAP which is looking farther into the future, or a PATH which is in the next six months to a year planning or a Solution Circle, which is what's going to be the next First Step.

The reason I called my company ResponsAble People and Company is not because I have other people right now working with me, but it's because I can't do any of my processes

without other people.

The “And Company” is you, your friends and family and colleagues that you invite to be part of your planning process. That's what makes the process work.

So while yes, you are enough, you are independent ,you are self-sufficient - I believe all those things. I would like to help you through my processes figure out how your friends, family, and your colleagues can help fill up your vase, so that you can have the future that you dream of and lead the life that you'd like to lead.

So contact me at or on my Facebook page,

or you can contact me at

and let me help you fill up the rest of your vase with the friends, family

and colleagues who can help you move into the future.


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