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  • Allison Hammond

Are you doing things "T'Early?"

Recently, I learned the word “T’Early” from Michael Bungay Stanier in his book,“The Advice Trap.”

Many groups that I work with say, "We've already talked about this problem. Haven’t we solved this a million times?"

According to MBS, as he refers to himself, chances are you've gotten to the solution “T’Early.” Meaning you haven't gotten to the real challenge.

Through my processes putting people first we hear the stories from people and their perspectives about what they think the real challenge is. We can dig in and figure out what that challenge really is.

Then we can create a plan that will find your first next step to solve that problem

or at least come up with the solution so the problem won't appear as often.

Contact me and let's put together a plan.

No longer will you be planning “T’Early” but you'll be planning with results

and moving forward into the future.

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