• Allison Hammond, Ed.D.

Create a Productive Team - Not Just Unicorns

Hi, this is Allison with ResponsAble People. Sometimes when I talk to people about the kind of planning that I do I get the impression that what they envision is creating:

  • Little Teddy Bears

  • Colorful rainbow

  • Unicorns

I do hope that it's a pleasant process full of good feeling.

But really when we plan with people first-what we really see is

  • people working together.

  • productivity increasing

  • time efficiencies

And why is that?

That's because when you do planning with people first, you end up with a common vision

that was created by the people together.

People set goals together based on their gifts, skills and knowledge.

Tasks assignments make sense for people's jobs is and what they're good at doing.

People have a common purpose in their work and they know how their job fits into the common purpose.

A sense of community is built.

In other words, when we start planning with people first, we end up with a TEAM.

Contact Allison Hammond to have a conversation about how the planning processes used in ResponsAble People can be combination of fluffy teddy bears, rainbows and unicorns but we will design a plan to help your organization work more productively, more efficiently,

and in community.


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