• Allison Hammond, Ed.D.

Gifts and Talents: MAPS and PATHS main ingredient

MAPS and PATHS processes used for planning have a unique focus unlike many other planning tools. The assumption is that every gift and talent we need to achieve our future plans is here, today, within the group of people present - Ourselves, friends, family, colleagues, allies.

The agenda for these planning processes looks like this:

  • Welcome

  • Why is it important for each person to participate?

  • What does the desired future look like?

  • What gifts and talents are in the group?

  • How can those gifts and talents be used?

  • What are the first steps for the next day, week, month or year?

  • Who is accountable for each of the steps being accomplished and by when?

Notice there isn't a focus on problems? What do we lack? What isn't happening?

This planning process was developed by Beth Mount, John O'Brien and others. Allison participated in training in Toronto Canada in 2012 and has done many MAPS and PATHS with individuals and groups. Contact her for more information at 269-217-2205

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