• Allison Hammond, Ed.D.

My Non-Business Business Plan

Hi, this is Allison with ResponsAble People.

When I started ResponsAble People, people often wanted to know if I put together a business plan.

I looked at business plan templates and got some tips and tricks from people who have started businesses.

These templates asked:

How many products are you going to produce?

How many people are you going to serve?

How much money are you projecting to make?

How much money it might take to get your business started?

I looked at all those things but to be honest they do not inspire me for ResponsAble People.

I realized is what inspires me is a different kind of validation.

What will be worthwhile for me is to see people that I've worked with moving forward in their lives using the gifts and talents that have been named in their PATH or their MAP.

It may be that they're using their gifts and their talents in new ways in the same situation.

For example:

New ideas for being a parent

New ways that you can take care of aging parents,

New ways to do your job.

New projects you're working on like around your home.

Or maybe you are on to a new adventure:

New home

New job.

New baby.

New disability

I can do a business plan and I can do the numerical things like counting how many people,

counting the money, counting the number of products.


what matters most for me is seeing the outcomes and people that I have worked with living a life that's better for them and better for their community.

So contact me at ResponsAble or you can email me at l

Let's talk about how I might help you and serve you in leading the life you want to live.


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