• Allison Hammond, Ed.D.

Why Start with People Future Planning?

Why is it important to start with people when we do planning in MAPS and PATHS.

There are three different kinds of planning to my thinking: Crisis planning: rescuing or fixing Outcomes planning: Money, people served or things made People-centered way: Development of people as they plan

Why start with people?

First of all when you start with people the group of people describes what the desired future is going to look like. What do we want to see people or the focus people doing?

Second we look at what are the possible opportunities in the community, in your life, in your home, in your job, in your hobbies, maybe in your church of ways that you can use your talents and things that you want to do in the future.

Third we look at what are the gifts, talents, knowledge and passions of the people that are there in the room. What gifts do they bring to the community? What gifts can they bring to work towards these possible opportunities? Fourth we determine 3 - 5 possible actions that can be taken

Fifth we identify the FIRST STEP to be taken in the next 48 hours to a week. Ultimately, the group will towards the future that they described which allows them to use their gifts, talents and knowledge to the best advantage.

So that's a snapshot of why we start with people with planning when we do MAPS and PATHS.

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