• Allison Hammond, Ed.D.

Your Next Step is Now

I'm asking you take a step right now - in the now and contact me and let's get together and talk.

Here is a quote that I read recently really resonated with me:

“Our outside journey is made up of millions of steps. Our inside journey

is made up of one step - the step we're taking right now”

Eckart Tolle

I really love this because the framework for PATHS and MAPS has the assumption that

when a group gathers to do planning for either an individual or a group, everybody who's right there now and in that moment is exactly who should be there.

Another assumption is in that moment when we're planning, we have everything that we need to discern what should the next steps be or what the next most important steps should be.

If you are intrigued by that notion and would like to have a PATH or a MAP created to help you take the next step NOW, can contact me at

or email me at

Let's talk more about where are you right now and what might your next step be?


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