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Supporting processes available are:


Solution Circle

This is a quick but effective process to use when a person or a group is stuck on an idea, project or activity. The Situation is described, the group generates ideas, possible solutions are discussed, three next steps are identified and the FIRST next step that will occur in the next 24-48 hours is determined. In addition, who will do the first step and who will support that person are also identified.


Who's in the Community?

Often when a person or a team wants a PATH or MAP meeting, determining who to invite can be a challenge. Who does the person know, who may have important information, who may have resources, etc.? A meeting to define the community is often done in order to set the invitation list.


What works/What doesn't work

Sometimes in preparation for a PATH or MAP it is important to get some background information about the person or the organization. This can help the facilitator navigate the group toward possibilities rather than dwell on "we've done that before" or "that won't work" There are times when there are real parameters or issues that limit next steps that do need to be addressed in a future focused manner rather than getting stuck in "yeah, but . . . ."

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