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  • Allison Hammond

Asking for Help is Hard, but Necessary!

Hi, this is Allison and oh my gosh,

what a year it's been. I just realized today that it's been about months since I've been anywhere to socially be with people besides going to the grocery store.

Anyway during this time. I've had some opportunities to reflect on where I want to go with ResponsAble People and how I want to proceed and if I think it's worth it.

And what are the the challenges that I'm facing and where am I getting stuck?

So I have been working with a young man who's helping me with some of my social media

and that and he encouraged me to just go ahead and be honest kind of share with you where I am on my journey because maybe there's some people out there that can relate

and can give me some pointers or maybe this will help you.

So here I am with my journey.

I already know that I have a gift and my gift is helping people plan.

I'm really good at facilitating meetings. I've been told that. And that's something that I really would like to share.

So I'm pretty defined on the PATHS and MAPS processes that I know how to use

and I'm good at using. I talked a lot about perspective audiences. People that are

going through a transition in their life be it retirement or leaving college,

or maybe it's some trying to decide to move to a new home. What's going on

that's a transition. So I'm pretty clear about that.

My son has developed a website and I do have a Facebook and Instagram accounts that are set up that I can use.

And I had a few good leads and I was starting to work with some people.

I was excited so excited and then Covid hit.

And the kind of work that I do really is in person, groups of people gathering together.

And so I'm still trying to overcome how I might still be able to do PATHS and MAPS given the current situation.

I’ve been stuck and one of the things that I have learned to do, but I'm not very good at it is ask for help.

So I have decided to ask for help.

I had to do some reflection on my ways of asking for help and how it really hasn't always been helpful in the past. So asking for help is hard.

So here are some tips that I looked on the internet to find.

* Define what you need help with

* Connect with people who have the knowledge or resources to help

* Offer my services to help other people

Define what I need help with.

Well for me personally, I need help with someone holding me accountable. Am I actually taking action on the plans I'm making? I need someone to encourage me

and when I hit milestones give me a pat on the back because I'm all about being encouraged

and being acknowledged. And then I also need some help with once I hit those milestones what are the next steps.

Then I need to help to do some things.

I need help with some website management.

That's not one of my Forte's. I really at this point in my life don't want to learn a whole lot more about technology. I know how to use it, but I don't necessarily want to be the planning

and the programming. Same thing with social media. I need someone to prompt me to remind me post stuff on Facebook, post something in Instagram.

And the other thing that I help need to do with is making connections. You know for me, and I think other people that are friends of mine. . . I get a lot of people saying well you should talk to so and so, or you should connect with someone,

I'm not so good at those cold calls.

So if there's any way that you have ideas of people that I could connect. If you would be willing to help me make that connection. Make that time to have a coffee

or a zoom face-to-face that would really help me out because I am not good at just calling people that I don't know. So helping me make connections would be really important.

And lastly, who to ask.

I've been looking back at people that I know that it really helped me in the past

and I have a friend named Sally.I need to reconnect with her right now and tell her what I've been working on. I think she'll be pleased at how far that I've come but I haven't checked in with her for a while. So I need to do that.

I also asked my friend Tinashe who is just a whiz in the social media world and he has been really helping me with some of the the technology that I can easily use like putting subtitles on videos and Facebook. He knew that I could do that and he helped me figure out how to do it. I've had some assignments for him and he's going to hold me accountable.

And then the last thing is you. Somebody out there.

Are you relating to what I'm talking about?

The journey, I'm trying to go on.

And is there something that I could do to help you or is there something that you think you could help me do as I've been a little bit clearer about where I need help. So anyway,

I hope that during this time that you are staying safe, that you're being able to make some connections, that this social distancing has not been too impactful on your mental health

or your total well-being.

I'm here if you need to talk to. And with that.

I hope that during this covid crisis that you are being able to be ResponsAble

and I'm hoping that me going through some of this reflection.

is going to help me be ResponsAble.

Thank you.


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