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  • Allison Hammond

Benefits of Graphic Facilitation

Hi, this is Allison with ResponsAble People and I love what I do. And the reason I love what I do is because the planning processes I use, use graphic facilitation.

And why is that such a benefit?

Well, it's because when we get visual the people in the group can see how the plan is taking shape.

  • People feel like I belong to this process because it's accessible to me.

  • People say “I understand” because they can visually see how things are fitting together.

  • People feel like they're heard because they hear their words put down on paper as a visual.

People also say, "Well I can remember that because now I have a picture of it in my mind."

And also when we putting together a PATH that’s visual people can feel their emotions.

  • They have more empathy for each other.

  • They can understand how different people are feeling about the idea at hand.

So contact me and let me do what I love to do and put together a plan for you or for a group that will really move you into the future with everyone feeling like they belong, they understand, they feel heard, they'll remember and they'll be able to express their feelings.


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