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  • Allison Hammond

Celebrate, No Buts . . .


That's what we need to be doing when we've been working a plan and we've been accomplishing things.

Recently, I was facilitating a meeting with a group that I've done some planning with

and I suggested that we list what our accomplishments are.

But what I got was

  • We did this, but we should have done that.

  • We did this, but we need to do more of…

  • We did this, but that didn't seem to work.

What I'd like to suggest is that when you are celebrating you list your accomplishments

and you talk about all the wonderful things that are happening - mic drop . . .

Then when you get to follow up planning look back at your list of accomplishments,

That's when you can talk about.

  • What did we learn from that accomplishment?

  • What did we learn that we could do more?

  • What do we learn that really wasn't quite enough?

And then plan from there.

But next time you get together to talk about your accomplishments

Celebrate! No buts.

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