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  • Allison Hammond

From Nowhere to Now Here

Hi, this is Allison with ResponsAble People.

I'm thinking about people, right now, who might be in a situation where they're trying to figure out what to do. In other words. They're trying to figure out "Where am I or where are you?"

Maybe right now you're thinking a lot about the past - maybe the past achievements you've had or maybe past regrets. And then as you're thinking about your future you're thinking about “Well, what if I did this? or What if I tried that? How would that turn out?”

Or maybe you're worried about “If I don't do this,” or “If I don't do that?” how things might happen. Maybe you're worried or maybe you're just spending a lot of time thinking about the past and thinking about the future.

In other words you're getting nowhere without any direction.

But I have a process called a Solution Circle and that's when you're going to find out what your Next First Step is Now.

It maybe not now in this exact minute, although maybe it is making a phone call right then but usually it's a step you're going to take in the next day maybe to the next week, but it's your first step.

During a Solution Circle, what we do is we talk about your present situation - what's going on right now? And what can you control or what can you do right now at this time? When you're in a Solution Circle you invite friends, family colleagues, anybody that you would like to have be there to help support you as you're figuring out where your next first step is going to be.

We talk about your present situation. We talk about all the possibilities that there are for your next first step. And then you've got support there.

Who's going to help you when you take that next First Step?

Who's going to help you be accountable?

So after a Solution Circle, what you're going to feel is that you're NOW HERE. You have what you're going to do next to move forward into your future and have a better life and not have to worry about the past or worry about the future anymore.

So if you're interested in having me do a Solution Circle for you contact me.

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