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  • Allison Hammond

Importance of Community

Hi, this is Allison Hammond with ResponsAble People and I just did a presentation

about the importance of community as you're planning for your future.

I had a big insight that I wanted to share.

One of those insights is that as I'm planning for my own future or supporting people to plan for their futures community is really key. Because when we bring community in we bring in people that know us and love us.

But what I really would like to do as I'm helping people plan is have them think

about who are people on the periphery of their life. Acquaintances maybe people

that they know that have a gift, skill or talent that they may need to help them realize their goal.

So as I'm talking through a plan, I'm going to challenge people to think more broadly

about who is in their community that can support them to realize their dreams.

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