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  • Allison Hammond

Loyalty: To You and Your Community


That's a word that we've heard a lot in the news media

particularly around the time of the election.

However, I'm not talking about that kind of loyalty.

To me, that kind of loyalty sounds like I'll be loyal to you as long as you give me this or you better be loyal to me or you won't get that from me.

That's not loyalty.

Loyalty is a consistent support of another person based on admiration of that person

or of the group

In ReponsAble People, the planning processes I use - I believe:

Build loyalty to an individual,

Build loyalty to a group,

Build Lloyalty to a community.

So contact me at

And here is a link to my calendar to schedule right now.

Let's have a conversation about team building and building loyalty within your group

and loyalty toward each individual.

Build a support system that is going to help you

or your group go into the future with unrelenting support.


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