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  • Allison Hammond

Meeting Makeover

Let's talk.

Do your meetings need a makeover?

I know that I'm guilty of just simply cutting and pasting an agenda from one meeting to the next without really thinking through:

  • What is the purpose of this meeting?

  • Are we planning?

  • Do we need to spend time figuring out what resources we have?

  • What are the gifts, skills, and knowledge of the people in the group?”

  • Maybe we need to simply figure out what are the roles of the people in the group.

  • What results are we really looking for from this meeting?

  • How can we hold each other accountable?

In addition to all of the planning tools that I have, I also happen to be a Registered Parliamentarian. I can also help you make your business meetings more meaningful.

So let's talk and let me help you make over your meetings.

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