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  • Allison Hammond

Not Rainbows, but Productivity

Hi, this is Allison with ResponsAble People.

Sometimes when I talk to people about the kind of planning that I do that starts with people first, I get the impression that what they envision is spending time like fluffy little teddy bears and we're going to see rainbows and unicorns are going to appear.

I do hope that it's a pleasant process.

But really when we do planning with people first- what we really see is people start working together.

  • Increased team work

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased time efficiency

And why is that? That's because when you do planning with people first,you end up with

  • Common vision

  • Common goals based on their gifts, skills and knowledge

  • Tasks that are assigned to people make sense

  • Common purpose

  • Sense of community

  • Stronger relationships

  • Common focus

In other words, when we start planning with people first, we end up with a team.

So contact me to have a conversation about how the planning process that I use can be a

combination of fluffy teddy bears, rainbows and unicorns but we come out with a plan that will help your organization work more productively, more efficiently,

and people work together.


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