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  • Allison Hammond

Planning from Abundance rather than Lack

Hi, this is Allison with ResponsAble People, and one of the philosophies that I use behind the graphic facilitation planning processes that I use is called Asset Based Community Development or ABCD.

And when we use ABCD, we start from a place of abundance. We recognize that what we have in the planning process, the gifts skills, and knowledge of the people that are there are enough.

From there, we can have open minds. We can appreciate one another. We can nourish each other. We can have a sense of wholeness.

Of course, when we're planning and going through this asset-based process, we are going to recognize that there are some resources or things that we need or that we lack

and we also know who in the room has the gift skills and knowledge to access those resources.

Contact me and let me do a planning process for you through the ABCD kind of philosophy. Let's see how far you go with results that start with your assets. Thanks.

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