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  • Allison Hammond

Respect: Find Out What it Means

Today I'm going to talk about respect and how planning processes through

ResponsAble People can build respect for an individual and also for a group and for a leader.

Let's first look at what respect is.

Respect is a deep admiration for a person or maybe a group based on

their abilities, their characteristics and their achievements.

When we do planning through ResponsAble People, we start looking at what the abilities are

of the people in the group or the individual.

It's the beginning of the group building respect for each other.

The next thing that we do is we develop a vision for the future based on what the people in the group are saying.

This shows respect because people feel heard about what they see for the vision

rather than it being a top down approach.

And lastly through these planning processes, we define who, what and when actions are going to happen based on those abilities of the people in the group.

Ultimately we build in accountability so that we can celebrate achievements


So within this process we are building respect.

We are building mutual admiration for the group and the individual's

abilities, qualities and achievements.

Contact me at

and let's talk about how you can build a plan that is going to create respect

for yourself and within your group.

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