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  • Allison Hammond

The Gifts, Skills and Knowledge of People Vary

Gift, skills and knowledge. People have a wide variety of these things.

Recently, on Jay Shetty's podcast, he was talking about these four quadrants of people. His take on the various personality assessments.

Let me get together with your group and discover what are the gifts, skills and knowledge of the people in your group so that the outgoing people person understands when he or she may need to ask for help from the introverted task oriented person who's really into the details. Or, perhaps we have the person that is very outgoing, very people oriented, and go go go go, but could use some help with the introverted people person who is gonna ask the question how are we doing?

So contact me

I'd love to work with your group and put together a gifts, skills and knowledge chart that can help your group move forward together.


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