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  • Allison Hammond

We've Always Done it That Way

WOOOO . . The statement that I have above my head. We've always done it that way.

How often have we heard that in a meeting and immediately everyone just poo poos the idea.

Well in my planning processes we start with people first and we find out what their shared vision is for moving forward.

And then we talk about their gifts, skills, and knowledge to create the plan.

So sometimes in that kind of planning you may keep doing something that you've always been doing, but it's based on information given - the gifts, skills and knowledge of the people in the room and the vision that they're working towards.

And you do keep doing what you've been doing and end up with the same result.

However, maybe we're going to keep doing what we've been doing because

now we understand how it fits with our gifts, skills and knowledge and the vision

we’re trying to create.

So don't just throw out - We've always been doing this way.

It might be something worth examining.

So contact me and let's talk about how I can come into your group or for you and make a plan that's based on the people in the room rather than what you have or haven't been doing.

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