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  • Allison Hammond

What is Graphic Facilitation?

Hi, this is Allison with ResponsAble People and I talk about my gift of graphic facilitation.

What is that?

Well, through graphic facilitation, which means as I'm facilitating, I'm actually drawing visual notes. I can help you with planning. And in that planning, you or your group can come up with your shared vision.

You're also going to discover what the gifts, skills and knowledge are the of the people in the group.

You also are going to come up with one to three action steps that you'll actually take.

And then what happens is that all the people in the group have an opportunity to contribute to those action steps, and then at the end you have shared accountability, and also you're going to see results.

So contact me, if you would like me to come and graphically facilitate a planning meeting for you. Thanks.

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