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  • Allison Hammond

Why You Need a Plan

Hi, this is Allison with ResponsAble People and people have been asking me to figure out how I can demonstrate having me do a plan for them is something that they need.

And it got me to thinking about other inventions because who knew we needed bedding before bedding was invented. We didn't know we needed bedding. Before paper was invented who knew we needed paper. And before light bulbs were invented who knew we needed light bulbs. And of course during this past year, during the shutdowns related to Coved who knew we needed Zoom and other virtual communication systems?

But we do.

What I learned when I was reading about these inventions is that there were people responding to needs that people had - that no one knew we needed. So I'm asking you. Try a ResponsAble People plan, and then you'll know why you need one. Thanks.

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