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Visual Notetaking

Allison Hammond, visual facilitator, at work drawing with a blue marker on a large piece of paper on the wall.

Visual Notetaking is an engaging, creative, and effective way of recording what is being shared and discussed. Colorful and meaningful visual displays using words and images that people can relate to are created.

Visual Notetaking for Your Group/Team Meeting


You have an agenda; however, the team struggles to work together or stick to the agenda. Or perhaps they need some help with focus and clarity. Visual Notetaking during your meetings can help bring everyone’s ideas together in a creative and colorful way to keep everyone on track. Seeing their own ideas and contributions being recorded on to the paper will not only keep them engaged and motivate them but also show that their contributions are being heard and they are being taken seriously.


Make your event more memorable by engaging your audience through Visual Notetaking.

Some of the advantages of including Visual Notetaking during your events are:


  • Attendees will have a lasting reminder of the day, including the presentations or workshops sessions that were delivered.

  • Attendees will see connections and themes across the Visual of the different activities, presentations, and workshops from the day.

  • Creating social media buzz around the conference as people share images of the Visual with your event’s hashtag.

  • The finalized Visual can continue to be shared throughout the organization. Organizations have taken images of their Visual to use in newsletters, screen savers, promotional items and follow up content development for blogs, web sites and social media.

  • Visuals can be laminated and then shared throughout your organization. Why not do a Visual tour? Some organizations have sent their Visual to all the different departments so others can enjoy it too!

When a meeting, conference or event is Visually Recorded everyone present can see what is being drawn in real time. Those present start to become enthusiastic, motivated, and involved which then leads them to see colorful and vibrant solutions and ideas. They can see immediately that their contributions are being heard. This then builds people’s commitment to the course of direction agreed.

Prior to taking Visual Notes, we discuss your event with you and really develop an understanding of what you would like as an outcome for your audience and the event. We will discuss how we can support you in achieving the set outcomes in a creative and efficient way.

From our discussions we will then create a proposal for your event. Once the proposal has been agreed and the event is confirmed, we will create a beautiful Visual recording which will be yours to take away with you. Your Visual can be provided to you digitally and in hard copy.

A coffee cup with a yellow smiley face on it holding several colorful markers. A box of pastels is in the background.
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