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Visual Planning

A group of people sitting and intently watching Allison Hammond create a visual facilitation drawing.

ResponsAble People has a range of planning frameworks using Visual Facilitation. Whether the plan is for an individual or a group, everyone is engaged and focused because of the visual notetaking. Visual facilitation helps people to remember the finer detail of the conversations that took place during the planning meeting. Also, people can see and understand the desired future as well as see how they can contribute to the action steps.

Planning processes are creatively and colorfully recorded through visual recording. This helps people see some of the solutions and answers that they have been looking for, it builds motivation and momentum to make a real difference.

ResponsAble People has a wide variety of planning frameworks depending on each situation. It is also possible to have a framework designed for specific needs and situations.

Here are the frameworks commonly used:

  • Solution Circle – Planning immediate next steps to get into action, make a decision or overcome a challenge.

  • PATHs – Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope – Planning for 6 months to 1 year to get moving on an idea or shorter term life transition.

  • MAPs – Making Action Plans – Longer term planning for preparing for life transitions.

  • Future Trajectory - Essential Lifestyle Plans – Planning for a direction change, strategic actions, prioritizing activities.

  • Customized Visual Planning Frameworks – Planning sessions designed to fit unique situations such as idea generation, prioritizing, conflict resolution, etc.

At the end of a planning session, a visual plan is produced along with written notes, timelines, responsibilities, accountability and date/time for follow up session.

ResponsAble People planning sessions can be done wherever it is most convenient for the person or the group. In person settings are preferred; however, Allison the experience and ability to facilitate remotely via Zoom.

Basic Visual Facilitation Package starting at $1,500

Here is a video of Allison at work facilitating a PATH session: 

Allison Hammond, visual facilitator, at work creating a visual facilitation drawing on a large piece of paper on the wall.
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