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Allison Hammond, visual facilitator, holding several markers in her hand.

Allison Hammond, Doctor of Education

Professional Visual Facilitator

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Visual Facilitation & Strategy

Do you have a grand idea brewing or are you facing a significant life challenge? Perhaps you’re simply trying to untangle your thoughts and transform them into a clear, actionable plan. ResponsAble People & Company specializes in visual facilitation and strategic planning, offering services designed to turn your visions into reality in a way that's both transformational and life-changing.


Visual facilitation is a unique process that clarifies your ideas and empowers you and your team to envision and execute plans that can significantly alter your professional or personal trajectory. Whether you're looking to innovate, restructure, or simply find your next step, my services are tailored to ensure profound impacts and tangible results.


I invite you to explore how visual facilitation services can make a difference in your life or organization. 

Exclusive Video!
Visual Facilitation How To

Learn how to use visual facilitation, some of the reasons it works so well, and pick up some tips if you'd like to try doing visual facilitation yourself.

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