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Allison is transforming the way to plan through

drawing and putting the

gifts, skills and knowledge of people first

About ResponsAble People & Company

Allison Hammond, Ed.D.

ResponsAble People and Company is a people-centered planning business. Individuals and groups looking to design action plans for short or long-term future goals will benefit from this unique approach. Not only is a plan designed, but a group builds community and discovers how the participants will contribute to the action steps. The plan is recorded through visual facilitation which leaves the individual or the group with a visual representation of the plan. 


Allison Hammond created ResponsAble People and Company to help people and groups design plans for the future based on their gifts, skills and knowledge through processes that use visual facilitation. This comes from life long passion for bringing people together in community for better lives. From a young age, Allison recognized that all people have unique gifts to share. Having a dancer’s heart, Allison loves to be creative and use art to communicate which fosters her love for using visual facilitation that brings people’s plans to life. As a natural born teacher and facilitator she guides people through meaningful and deep conversations to discover their attributes, their visions for the future and how to get there as a community.


Allison is a trained Making Action Plans (MAPS), Positive Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH) and Charting the Life Course facilitator which uses visual facilitation or sketch note taking to record the plan. These processes focus on individuals or groups that seek to design a future plan in a way that clarifies a vision while acknowledging the gifts that people bring to the process. The individual or the group creates a plan based on these attributes and what each person can contribute to the outcome. 


What is Visual facilitation?


Visual Facilitation starts with a big piece of blank paper on a wall and a handful of markers. Through the process a picture of the plan is created for the participants to use to take action and hold each other accountable for the progress toward the outcomes described. From the picture, a written plan can be generated, participants can list their tasks and outcomes can be evaluated. 

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